Whole House Generator Services in New Lenox, IL

Keep your lights on even during major storms and blackouts. Call us at 815-463-0333 for appointments in New Lenox, IL, and Will County.

Avoid the inconvenience and dangers of losing power at your house during major storms, heat waves, and power outages. Install a whole house generator to provide electricity to your home and keep your essential systems running – like your air conditioner and refrigerator. Call Update Heating and Cooling Services for appointments in New Lenox, IL. We offer free estimates on new equipment!

Is your smoke detector adequately installed? Let our experts check it to ensure your family is protected.

Benefits of Installing a Whole House Generator

Emergency generators can provide many advantages to homes in Will County, including:

  • Improved safety: These systems produce fewer emissions compared to portable generators, ensuring a safer environment for your household.
  • Better functionality: They can operate continuously for extended periods without interruption. Plus, they can be programmed to activate essential appliances like refrigerators or HVAC systems in the event of a blackout.
  • Start automatically: These start on their own after just a few minutes of losing power.
  • Peace of mind: A whole house generator provides the assurance that your family and residence are protected in the event of a power disruption.