Tankless Water Heater Services in New Lenox, IL

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When you need tankless water heater services – from routine maintenance to repairs and installations – call the local plumbers you can trust to work on your energy-efficient system. Call our Update Heating and Cooling Services experts for appointments in New Lenox, IL. All of our technicians are background-checked and drug-tested!

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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Tasks

It’s crucial to perform regular, routine maintenance tasks on your on demand water heater to keep it working correctly. Some tasks our Update Heating and Cooling Services plumbers recommend performing include:

  • Flush the sediment and mineral buildup out of the unit to remove scale and debris
  • Check the unit for leaks
  • Clean the air intake and exhaust vents
  • Inspect the burner for soot or carbon buildups
  • Check the system for error codes
  • Inspect the water filter to prevent debris from entering it
  • Test the pressure relief valve to make sure it’s working correctly
  • Look for signs of corrosion
  • Schedule professional maintenance on the system at least once a year