Gas Leak Detection Services in New Lenox, IL

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Gas leaks are a dangerous situation that can put your family at risk. To prevent threats, you need to address these issues as soon as possible and hire a professional to detect leaks on your property correctly. Call the Update Heating and Cooling Services experts for appointments in New Lenox, IL. We offer same-day services for your safety.

If you need a gas line installed or repaired, call our gas fitters for an appointment!

Symptoms of a Gas Leak You Need to Know

To protect your family, you need to be aware of the signs to watch for that can indicate you have a gas line leak. Some symptoms that can indicate a leak are:

  • Water or dirt in the air near the gas source.
  • A foul smell similar to rotten eggs.
  • Damaged connections to gas-powered appliances.
  • Water or dirt in the air near the gas source.
  • Family members who have health issues like nausea, dizziness, fatigue, or fainting.
  • Excess condensation on your windows.
  • A hissing or roaring sound coming from your gas pipes.
  • Dead or dying vegetation in or around your property.

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