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Furnace Repair

Our HVAC Technicians Have Been Keeping New Lenox Cozy Since 1997
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Furnace Repair

With how cold the New Lenox area gets, a furnace is a necessity. If your home furnace acts up or stops working altogether, the comfort and safety of your family are at risk.

Update Heating and Cooling Services provides emergency service at all hours with no overtime rate. As a locally-owned company, we proudly service Frankfort, New Lenox, Frankfort, and the surrounding areas.

Why Furnace Maintenance is a Necessity

Keeping up with regular maintenance will maximize the lifespan of your heating system. Make a service appointment with Update Heating and Cooling Services when your furnace is ready for its semi-annual checkup. Our tune-ups include a safety check, cleaning, lubrication, and system audit.

Upfront Pricing is What We Do

Update Heating and Cooling Services offers binding estimates on emergency service calls for gas or electric furnaces before we start working. For a one-time fee, we’ll diagnose what’s wrong. Then we’ll provide a quote on what it’ll take to fix it. Once you have accepted our written estimate, we never change the price.

The Different Types of Furnaces

Furnaces are sorted into two to three categories based on their main fuel source. The third one is oil, which will not be discussed here.

Electric Furnaces


When the furnace filter is not changed for a long time, debris and dust can cause problems with the fan. Our emergency furnace repair service can resolve this and other blower problems.

  • Filthy Filters
  • When a furnace filter hasn’t been changed in a while, dust and debris can clog the filter and end up causing issues with the blower fan. Our team is near you and offers emergency furnace repair and tune-up services to help resolve all types of issues.

  • Faulty Fuses
  • The unit may not run if fuses are not installed properly or are not matched to furnace capacity. Fuses with built-up residue can also lead to the need for furnace repair.

  • Bad Blower
  • Damaged blowers can work too hard, eventually blowing a fuse. This leads to the system no longer outputting air. Give Update Heating and Cooling Services a call at 815-463-0333 to schedule an emergency HVAC repair.

  • Water Damage
  • Furnaces don’t like water. If yours has come into contact with any moisture, it may short out. If you suspect water exposure is what’s wrong with your furnace, call us to schedule a repair visit.

  • Loose Wire
  • Blowing air causes vibration within the furnace unit. This can lead to wires growing loose over time. Eventually, they’ll short circuit, shutting the unit down. Fortunately, whether you live in Frankfort or Lockport, it’s an issue we can fix.


  • Reliable
  • Electric furnaces are considered more reliable than gas furnaces due to their straightforward design. A set of heating elements warm the air. These elements are powered by a circuit on the system cabinet. Electrical furnaces use a fan to move air into the heat exchanger and then through the ductwork.

  • Ease of Installation
  • Since most U.S. homes already include electricity, the process of installing, maintaining, and repairing electric furnaces is relatively easy. Not surprisingly, electric heating is the dominant type of furnace in some areas of the country.

  • Less Expensive to Buy
  • Electric furnaces are less expensive to buy and install than gas models, making them attractive to many homeowners. However, electric furnaces are more expensive to operate than gas models due to the comparative cost of electricity versus natural gas.

  • AFUE Ratings
  • Electric furnaces typically rate higher in annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings than gas furnaces. The AFUE rating for electric furnaces can reach 100%, while gas furnaces top out at 97%.

    Gas furnaces with the surface ignition system or intermittent pilot light feature will rate higher in AFUE than gas systems with a traditional pilot light.

Common Gas Furnace Issues

Gas furnaces are a comparatively inexpensive and efficient option for heating your home. The typical gas furnace will last 15-20 years when properly maintained. When your gas furnace does go on the fritz, it usually has something to do with lines or valves.

  • Line Issues
  • If your gas furnace is running but not pushing out heat, there may be an issue with the gas line. Confirm that the gas source is turned on and the pilot light is lit. If both appear in good working order, but the vents are still not providing heated air, call Update Heating and Cooling Services at 815-463-0333 to schedule a furnace repair.

  • Faulty Control Valve
  • If you suspect a problem with your gas control valve or the gas line, you need to call us immediately. Faulty gas control valves or gas lines can lead to a gas leak or explosion. Call us at 815-463-0333 for an emergency appointment in Lockport and New Lenox.

The Benefits of Gas Furnaces

Clean and Affordable

Most everyone knows that natural gas costs less than electricity. Buying a gas furnace can help decrease your utility bills every month. Also, burning natural gas is less harmful to the environment than the fossil fuels still used to generate most electrical power.

When you install a gas furnace, you are saving money and helping the environment at the same time.

Faster Heat

Gas furnaces are designed to heat a home faster than electric furnaces, making them a better choice for cold climates. The speed difference is caused by the fact that combustion occurs faster with gas than with electrical systems.

Continuous Fuel Supply

Americans love gas furnaces. They are the most popular furnace type in most states including Illinois. This is partly influenced by the proliferation of supply lines which provide a seemingly endless supply of natural gas to most U.S. locales. If you have a gas furnace, you can expect a continuous fuel supply throughout the winter.

Emergency Repair Services

We understand that furnaces don’t work banking hours. They often break down at the worst possible time—like at midnight during a snowstorm. Fortunately, whether it’s midnight or noon, our HVAC technicians are here for you. And, when you need emergency furnace service, there’s no extra charge. Reach out to us at 815-463-0333 to schedule service in Lockport, New Lenox, and Frankfort

Why Choose Update for Furnace Repair Services

When your electric or gas furnace needs repair, contact Update Heating and Cooling Services for a free estimate and the best customer service in the industry. We serve the entire Chicagoland area from our New Lenox headquarters. Emergency service is available 24/7.

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Update Heating and Cooling Services has quality technicians to bring you the best Boiler repair in New Lenox IL.
Company Information
  897 Country Creek Drive  •  New Lenox, IL 60451
  Chicago: 773.717.9615Hinsdale: 630.455.0333New Lenox: 815.463.0333
Orlando Hills: 708.364.0333NW Indiana: 219.789.9390
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