Heat Pump Services in New Lenox, IL

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If you’re looking to save money heating your home this winter, a heat pump may be the right solution for your house! These energy-efficient systems provide a more energy-efficient solution to heating your home than forced-air systems. To schedule heat pump replacements or repairs, call our experts at Update Heating and Cooling Services for appointments in New Lenox, IL. We offer straightforward pricing.

When you need a new furnace installed at your Will County home, call us for furnace installations.

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

Heat pumps offer many benefits to New Lenox, IL, households. Some of the top advantages they provide are:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency: Due to renewable energy sources, these systems are more energy-efficient than conventional heating systems, potentially leading to reduced utility expenses.
  • Government incentives: Acquiring this unit may make you eligible for government incentives aimed at promoting the installation of renewable heat units, potentially entitling you to a tax rebate.
  • Superior indoor air quality: Unlike forced-air units, this system produces no smoke or fumes, resulting in better air quality within your home compared to a forced-air unit..
  • Heightened safety: These units can offer a higher level of safety compared to traditional heaters or furnaces.
  • Enhanced climate control: These systems give you greater command over the internal climate of your house, allowing for optimal comfort.