Electrical Safety Inspections in New Lenox, IL

Ensure the wiring in your house is working properly by scheduling electrical safety inspections. Call us at 815-463-0333 for appointments in New Lenox, IL, and Will County.

Is your electrical system due for a checkup? Just like you schedule tune-ups on your HVAC systems and plumbing appliances, having an electrician perform an electrical safety inspection is also essential. During these services, an electrical contractor will ensure your system is up to code and operating safely. Call Update Heating and Cooling Services for appointments in New Lenox, IL. We have quality trained technicians!

When you need to update the lighting in your home, call us to learn about our indoor lighting services.

What To Expect During a Whole-Home Safety Inspection

During an electrical inspection, an expert will ensure your electrical system is up-to-code with the standards in New Lenox, IL. To do this, electricians will check the following:

  • Ensure light bulbs have the correct wattage.
  • Check the condition of outlets and prevent electrocution risks.
  • Check if smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are fully functioning.
  • Ensure circuit interrupters are operating as expected.
  • Make sure surge protectors are working properly.
  • Check if outdoor lighting and electrical components are working as expected.