Technician Academy

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Update Heating and Cooling Services offers unique training solutions for today’s HVAC Industry.

Update’s unique method of training gives the most value because of what can be learned in just a matter of weeks, compared to months or years of traditional training. Since our program is based on working many different types of operational equipment in the labs and students work at their own pace, both new and experienced technicians benefit. We also provide all tools and electronic testing instruments necessary for training while at our facility.

Each course is blend of classroom training that explains the theory of “how it works” and then most importantly the “hands-on” training teaching the “how to” procedures it takes to get the job done. Students spend most of the time in the classroom and the rest of their time in the HVAC Labs learning applied processes.

Update students gain the confidence it takes to succeed along with a foundation to build their life long career. Courses are designed around the knowledge and skills necessary for installation, maintenance and service. Our program is based on performance, rather than theory, allowing technicians to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills instantly! Each technician works individually on lab projects designed so that they can progress at their own rate.

By taking advantage of this training, it opens up your opportunity to hire technicians with little or no experience to expand your workforce!

Jason Rakowski (Owner)